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Privacy and Personal Information

1. Background

1.1. JSI Data Systems Limited (JSI) provides computer-based data services to direct marketers. Our business involves the receipt of data files of names and addresses, the storage of this information, and the preparation of data files for direct marketing by mail, phone and email. In the course of these operations, we handle personal information. Typically, this personal information is limited to names and addresses but it may include other information attached to the name and address, such as information descriptive of the purchase of goods or services or indicating one or more past donations made to a charity. JSI typically does not handle or possess credit card information or other information that would facilitate fraud or identity theft. We actively discourage clients from sending us "sensitive" personal information because it is not relevant to the preparation of data files for marketing.

1.2. JSI does not collect personal information directly from individuals. Instead, we receive and process personal information collected by other organizations that are our clients and we do so only under instructions from these clients. Typically, once we have performed our services, JSI then passes files of names and addresses to other organizations that specialize in the preparation of mail or email or who place phone calls, and again we do so only under the direction of JSI’s clients.

1.3. Much of the name and address information that we handle is processed on a "flow through" basis. This means that personal information may reside on our computers only for the length of time required to create a data file for marketing purposes. Thereafter, the information is stored for a limited period of time on an off-line electronic medium and then erased.

1.4. JSI encourages all of its clients to use the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) list of those who do not want to receive mail or phone calls and to use this list in a manner consistent with the CMA’s code of conduct. You can add your name, address and phone number to this list by registering online at http://www.the-cma.org or contact the CMA at 1-800-267-8805 or 416-391-2362.

2. Access to Personal Information Stored at JSI

JSI will respond to the requests of individuals to identify information held by JSI on them. Because JSI holds personal information only as a subcontractor of services to our clients, we encourage individuals wishing to investigate personal information held by JSI to first contact organizations that might be the originators of the information JSI holds. For example, if XYZ organization is sending you mail or is calling you by phone and you do not want to receive mail or calls or want to know where the organization obtained your personal information, we recommend that you contact the originating organization. Or if you wish to know what personal information related to you that this organization holds, then we recommend that you contact the organization directly.

JSI’s Privacy Coordinator Requests related to personal information held by JSI should be directed to JSI’s Privacy Coordinator in writing as follows:

Privacy Coordinator
JSI Data Systems Limited
85 Auriga Drive
Nepean ON K2E 7Z2

or by calling us at 613 727 9353

3. Requests by Individuals Related to Personal Information held by JSI

3.1. JSI will respond to requests by individuals to identify personal information held by JSI on the requesting individual. Requests for such searches must be accompanied by documentation demonstrating the identity of the requesting individual and must be limited to searches for information describing the requesting individual.

3.2. JSI will charge for searches to identify specific personal information it holds at an hourly rate consistent with its standard prices for programming and consulting. These rates are set to represent the "opportunity cost" to JSI of the search activity. A deposit equal to the estimated cost of the search is required by JSI prior to commencing a search.

3.3. Individuals requesting JSI to identify personal information held by JSI about them may act to limit the cost to them by directing JSI in the specific nature of the search to be made. For example, the request to identify any and all possible editions of the name and address of an individual held by JSI might require a search that covered all files currently being processed and all files stored on electronic media and might encompass up to 10 million name and address records in hundreds of files. Multiple searches might be required if the request involves searching variants of the person’s name and address. The cost of a search can be limited by reducing its scope, and especially by directing JSI to search specific current files held on behalf of particular JSI clients

3.4. The forms that JSI requires an individual to complete in order for JSI to perform such searches are available by request

4. More Information

For more Information about Canadian Privacy Regulation the following sites are available:

Industry Canada
Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada

For additional information on JSI’s policies concerning the storage and safeguarding of personal information see Security, Storage, Retention and Disposal of Personal Information.