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Marketing Database Services Chart

Marketing Database Services

Create customized databases which meet your specific marketing requirements.

JSI houses specialized marketing databases for clients. These databases are customized to meet specific requirements and accessible online.

Receive Data from Multiple Sources

The ability to receive data from multiple sources, compare “incoming” records to prior records based on name/address/phone, and to act as follows:

  • Match records on a “cascading” basis using match keys based first on name/address and next on name/telephone number.
  • Create a new record for a record previously not encountered.
  • Recognize a previously encountered record and add new information to this record (for example, information on new purchases or new donations).
  • Recognize whether or not purchase or donation information attached to the incoming record has been encountered previously and is already attached to the database record.

Link Your Incoming Records to Your Data

The ability to link incoming records to the data housed at JSI based on some “fixed” property of the record (typically a marketing database ID) in the originating source file or database. This linking capability allows us to act as follows:

  • Receive data from multiple sources that are dynamic with respect to addresses and “recognize” when a given record in a source file has undergone an address change.
  • Automatically apply the address change to the JSI record bypassing the address matching procedures that would otherwise cause a changed record to be recognized and captured as a “new” record.
  • Where records are being received from multiple sources, “recognize” that a record has multiple ID links to these sources and notify “other” sources of an address change when such a change is detected coming from one source.
  • “Remember” that change-notices have been sent. This supports procedures that are designed to prevent “repeat” notices of changes or address-change reversals when a source fails to implement an address change based on a notification.

Convert Transactions into Rational Encoded Values

Implementation of “conversion tables” that take transactions attached to incoming records and convert them to rational encoded values. This processing allows us to act as follows:

  • Control selections using easily understood transactional codes.
  • Maintain “dictionaries” to remember the specific meaning of transactional codes.
  • Compute summary variables that encapsulate the volume of past transactions by type.

Implement Good Housekeeping Procedures

Implementation of housekeeping procedures that utilizes JSI’s proprietary software to correct addresses, run NCOA™ processing, and parse names. These procedures:

  • Improve data quality by standardizing records prior to matching.
  • Allow corrections to be returned electronically for application to source files.
  • Compute keys that can be used to link records based on address into “household” clusters or control mailings on a household rather than an individual basis.
  • Allow mailings to be personalized using parsed name pieces.

Back-end Requirements

Selections using special mechanisms that readily produce output based on the transaction histories attached to records.

Preparation of mail-ready data files sequenced using JSI sequencing software.

NCOA is a Canada Post trademark. Postal Code is an official mark of Canada Post Corporation.