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Density Analysis and Unaddressed Mail Chart

Density Analysis

Identify responsive postal walks and fish where the fish are.

Density Analysis provides a method of identifying responsive postal walks. Information on the walks that are productive for you can then be used in one of two ways:

  • To target walks for the delivery of unaddressed (“householder”) mail; or
  • To select name/address records in productive walks (for example, from rented or traded lists) and target the selected names/addresses.

Density analysis ordinarily involves taking your house list and examining the number of records that you have in each of the urban walks rural installations associated with your data. The number of records in each walk/installation is then divided by the number of delivery points in the walk/installation to yield a percentage that represents the “penetration level” of your house file for each of these walks/installations. This penetration level tells you where you are most to least successful and allow you to target the areas where you have success.

Density analysis produces reliable results only where your house file is sufficiently concentrated geographically that you have meaningful numbers of records per walk/installation. Therefore it is best applied where your house file is a large national or provincial file, or where your file is local and covers a significant proportion of the houses or businesses in a local area.