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About JSI Data Systems

We are known for expertise, consistency, and quality in direct marketing data processing. We supply data files in conventional formats that are machine-readable by your "downstream" suppliers, and we provide thorough documentation of the files that we supply.

Over 30 years of Data Processing Experience

If you are accustomed to account reps who know not of what they speak, at JSI you will talk to staff who speak of what they know. Our staff are experts in data processing and have the authority and the responsibility for executing data processing instructions.

JSI’s programmers write all of our address-handling software including the programs that we use for Merge-Purge Processing, for record targeting (Predictive Analytics and Transactional Data and Applying Analytics to Prospect Mailing Lists), for Sequencing Mail, for Address Correction, for NCOA™ and for a wide range of other file handling and file-comparison processes.

Authorship of software allows us to adapt to the special requirements of clients and gives us complete control over complex projects. We view software development as the foundation of our expertise.

JSI maintains complete audit trails and stores the computer instructions that run each job. We "remember" the exact processing by which each job is accomplished. The expertise of our staff combined with our job management practices mean short learning curves and long memories for even the most complex projects.

We give you independence, the ability to buy imaging and letter-shop based on price and service. We also give you the freedom to move your projects between "downstream" suppliers. Our charges for data processing are small in comparison to the cost of printing, variable imaging and letter-shop. Your greatest leverage on price comes from being able to "shop around" for these processes. You can’t do this if the complexity of your data processing ties you to a firm that performs a downstream step.

NCOA is a Canada Post trademark. Postal Code is an official mark of Canada Post Corporation.